The Process: Website Design

Designing a web site for a new online business is something that can pretty much decide on whether the company will be successful or close down in record breaking time. While a lot of companies and individuals have started focusing on the Internet in the 90’s during the Dot-Com boom, many of them failed to understand certain basics about web design. A lot of them sank like the Titanic, resulting in a period known historically as the burst of the Dot-Com bubble. But many have also survived the bubble burst and set certain design standards that are used as references for most modern web sites. Just take a look at the simplicity of Google’s search engine network. Google launched their search engine during the Dot-Com boom period, but it was the ease of use, speed and effectiveness of their search engine that drew a lot of people to them. Amazon would also be a great example, although their focus on online shopping requires them to have a more complex web design. But despite its complexity, it is still geared towards maximum ease of use. So let’s take a look how you can achieve the same simple yet effective website design for your company.

The process behind modern website design

Since modern website design places more emphasis on ease of use and basically how fast a normal Internet user can navigate it, companies often hire dedicated web design companies or individuals to handle that for them. However, there is quite a large number of companies, studios and even private web designers that you will stumble upon in your search for professional web design. Finding a design studio or individual that will be able to make your design wishes and ideas a reality can be quite tricky. Designing a website in general requires quite a large array of skills and software tools to be used and there is also a lot of competition between web designers. Basically, the best designers place an emphasis on original design and will not use premade templates in most cases.

Website design – Finding a middle ground

A lot of companies that place a website design order often make the mistake of not responding to feedback and additional suggestions that come from professional web designers. While a professional will try his best to meet all your demands, sometimes an idea you may have had can hinder the ease of use of your web site. A website designer doesn’t give out feedback because he thinks he knows better; he does that because it is a part of his job. Compromises are often required during a typical web design process since a lot can change between the starting concept and final functionality of a website.

Website Design

Website design – Understanding the habits of typical Internet users

Modern website design places emphasis on ease of use and simplicity because an average Internet user subconsciously decides whether he will remain on the website or just click away from it in a matter of seconds. This is basically a side effect manifested exactly because the Internet offers so much information. If a typical user doesn’t like the color template of a website attractive, he or she will simply leave immediately. A good web site design uses techniques that basically make a site pleasing to one’s eyes and also offer relevant content in a quickly accessible way.